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Cloud Hosting versus Dedicated Hosting

Earlier today, .net magazine (@netmag) asked the Twitterverse if “cloud hosting” was simply a new buzzword for dedicated hosting, or something different.  I replied: “It’s certainly different, but requires more know-how and the difference won’t be felt by 90%+ of … Continue reading

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iPhone or Android?

Lately, I have been asked one question more than any other question–heck, more than all other questions combined: “What phone should I buy?”  Part of my day job is spent supporting computers, browsers, email, and network connections…  And yet no … Continue reading

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Textpandable: jQuery Expanding Textarea Plugin v0.9

Just wrote my first jQuery plugin!  Textpandable is a plugin that enables textareas to auto-resize to fit content.  Just load jQuery and Textpandable, and include the following Javascript: $(‘textarea’).textpandable(); …and voilà!  All of your textareas are expandable, like this: Textpandable … Continue reading

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GoogleFail and the Cloud: Bring it on.

It seems that the talk of the week this week was the massive GoogleFail.  I will refrain from rehashing my “post a corporate logo on the fail whale” shtick today, because I don’t seem to be as downcast about it … Continue reading

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How Facebook forced me to become a Twitter user.

Okay, well I officiallly twatted my first tweet over a year ago, but I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not fond of the phenomenon.  While I have warmed up to it as a means of syndicating information–we are integrating … Continue reading

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(Falling Off) The Twitter Bandwagon

I’m sorry, I officially fail at Twitter. I’ve had my Twitter account since March of last year.  How many updates–or tweets, or whatever the hell they call it–have I posted?  Six.  Half of which are about “trying this Twitter thing … Continue reading

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