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“Voodoo Child” CSS Reset v1.0

I developed my own CSS reset a while ago, and I’m pretty happy with how it’s working, so I thought I’d share it. The concept of a “CSS Reset” is embarrassingly new to me–I only read about them a month … Continue reading

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Firefox: Move Aside and Let the Web Go Through.

There has been a little buzz lately about what the next version of Firefox should look like, and it’s certainly different.  The latest idea seems to put the tab, and tab-like items such as apps and workspaces, in the sidebar.  … Continue reading

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I tried out Parallels desktop when it first came to Mac, back when it was just Windows in a box on my screen.  It was neat, but as I wasn’t freelancing at the time, there was no need for Windows … Continue reading

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Broken Record: Firefox Bugfixes

Every time an update to Firefox is released, I hear the same conversation: “Oh no, does this mean Firefox isn’t secure?” “I think so…  There were six critical vulnerabilities in this release!” “Did you know that more vulnerabilities were reported … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 to World: “Braaaaaaiiiiinnnnsssss…”

This just in: Web 2.0 is dead, according to Robin Wauters of TechCrunch.  So all those articles you’re reading on Digg?  Zombies.  Your friends on Twitter?  Yep, zombies.  And the annoying 25 Things posts on Facebook?  Definitely zombies.  (Okay, that … Continue reading

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