Years of Mess

I’ve taken some time to update a few of my old websites and projects that I’ve had a hand in. Now that they’re slightly less embarrassing, I thought I’d share them.

My Blog
– Import of Embarrassing LiveJournal entries? Check.
– Consolidation of two previous WordPress blogs? Check.
– Google+ Importer? Check.
Theme that I am, at least for the moment, a little proud of? Check.
I had been saving the “nature” theme for a portfolio website, and was never really happy with the “blueprint” version of the theme that I had used for my last blog. So I relented and switched to the colorful nature theme, which I really do love. Hopefully, between the new theme and the G+ imports, I can make a halfway decent attempt at “blogging” once again.

Smart Popcorn
For so long now, I’ve had good intentions of remaking this website, but truthfully I’ve lost interest in the subject. I owe a lot to this site, though. To build it, I taught myself PHP and MySQL, so it is directly responsible for my current job and my career. I made some minor visual tweaks to the background (which I have now dubbed “finely-textured popcorn” so I am willing to show it in public again. ;)

Adelaide Video
Barebones as sites go, but for its age, I’m pretty happy with the design. A much softer, more textured and perhaps feminine site than I have built before or since… Also one of the first designs for which I made important use of proportions (golden ratio, cinematic ratio), and a precursor to my obsession with leanback interfaces and responsive design. (See also: Six years ago, I thought it was too awesome to use CoralCDN for serving video. Last week, I decided it was time to switch to Vimeo. :P

Linode (Referral)
I finally moved all of my sites (and most of my friends’ sites) over to my Linode box. My past experience was with a GoDaddy box, so I am thrilled with how much control I have over the server, how easy it is to configure (via a free control panel I found), and what a beast it is for just having 512MB of RAM. Highly recommend Linode to anyone who is comfortable with Linux and wants a nice, standalone virtual server.

It’s nice getting all of my old sites and projects updated and/or cleaned up a bit. Refreshing. Also nice to dip my toes in the visual-design side of things, if only just slightly. (Lately it’s all been backend logic.) There are a few other designs I would like to work on, so maybe I’ll post a follow-up. :)


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