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How Facebook forced me to become a Twitter user.

Okay, well I officiallly twatted my first tweet over a year ago, but I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not fond of the phenomenon.  While I have warmed up to it as a means of syndicating information–we are integrating … Continue reading

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(Falling Off) The Twitter Bandwagon

I’m sorry, I officially fail at Twitter. I’ve had my Twitter account since March of last year.  How many updates–or tweets, or whatever the hell they call it–have I posted?  Six.  Half of which are about “trying this Twitter thing … Continue reading

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I tried out Parallels desktop when it first came to Mac, back when it was just Windows in a box on my screen.  It was neat, but as I wasn’t freelancing at the time, there was no need for Windows … Continue reading

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Broken Record: Firefox Bugfixes

Every time an update to Firefox is released, I hear the same conversation: “Oh no, does this mean Firefox isn’t secure?” “I think so…  There were six critical vulnerabilities in this release!” “Did you know that more vulnerabilities were reported … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 to World: “Braaaaaaiiiiinnnnsssss…”

This just in: Web 2.0 is dead, according to Robin Wauters of TechCrunch.  So all those articles you’re reading on Digg?  Zombies.  Your friends on Twitter?  Yep, zombies.  And the annoying 25 Things posts on Facebook?  Definitely zombies.  (Okay, that … Continue reading

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Join the Cult: Object-Oriented Programming

Last week, my wife decided to start learning PHP.  And no, she’s not just trying to humor me–pssh, like she’d do that.  She’s burning to code some roleplay generators.  It’s a bit of a blast, sitting and coding side-by-side.  (And … Continue reading

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New Theme: Fusion

I’ve installed a new theme for the blog: Fusion by Digital Nature. The layout and positioning are not quite to my tastes, but the subdued, neutral matte color scheme is right up my alley at the moment.  I’ve tweaked a … Continue reading

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The world feels alive today

Today, Barack Obama took the oath of office. The bigness of this day is probably unprecedented in my twenty-some years. Of course, it doesn’t compare to an experience like getting married, those personal experiences that make you feel alive. But as the world goes… Well, today feels as big and significant and important to the rest of the world as my wedding day felt to me. The world feels alive today. Continue reading

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Biggest News Ever! :D

Sorry for not having written in these past couple of months… I suppose the suspense of moving in, what it was like, how Trish and I got along, etc., was killing anyone foolish enough to expect regular updates from me. … Continue reading

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…well, in about 12 hours really… my life will completely change forever. And I’m so happy I just can’t wait for twelve hours from now to get here! I’m sorry I haven’t been more verbose as of late… I really … Continue reading

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