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Join the Cult: Object-Oriented Programming

Last week, my wife decided to start learning PHP.  And no, she’s not just trying to humor me–pssh, like she’d do that.  She’s burning to code some roleplay generators.  It’s a bit of a blast, sitting and coding side-by-side.  (And … Continue reading

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New Theme: Fusion

I’ve installed a new theme for the blog: Fusion by Digital Nature. The layout and positioning are not quite to my tastes, but the subdued, neutral matte color scheme is right up my alley at the moment.  I’ve tweaked a … Continue reading

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Hey, Somethin’ Worth Updatin’

Ok, nearly two months since my last update, sorry to the three people who read it. ;-) And I think you all know of my big news already, but it’s certainly still worthy of an update. I’ve got a new … Continue reading

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