The world feels alive today

Today, Barack Obama took the oath of office.  The bigness of this day is probably unprecedented in my twenty-some years.  Of course, it doesn’t compare to an experience like getting married, those personal experiences that make you feel alive.  But as the world goes…  Well, today feels as big and significant and important to the rest of the world as my wedding day felt to me.  The world feels alive today.

Before this election, I think I’ve only ever felt the world, in that personified form, when it had been in pain.  I remember being in Kindergarten and shocked at the news of the Challenger explosion.  And I remember being in my dorm at college and turning on the news to watch the World Trade Center tumble in slow motion.  Aside from those experiences, “the world” and I have always remained little more than detached acquaintances.  Certainly I’ve had my opinions about how the world should be, what’s wrong, what should improve; but I never really had any emotional investment in it.

So it’s great to experience a day that’s both historical and positive.  It’s not quite so surreal as a moon landing, and I’m ill-equipped to guess if it’s bigger than JFK being elected, but my guess is yes, it probably is.

It’s made bigger by the racial significance–I still have to be reminded about that.  Same as after election day…  I was so excited just to know that we had elected a brilliant & impressively charismatic man to turn our country around, that I was only reminded nearly after-the-fact that he will also be our first black President.  I still honestly consider that to be an afterthought–we need good leadership right now, no matter who it is–but the racial significance is huge, just the same.  (I wonder if, when the first woman gets elected President, it will be as celebratory a time.  Perhaps only if she, too, will be replacing a terrible lame-duck President?)

So this will probably be the election/inauguration I will always remember…  Our JFK.  I wonder what our “moon landing” moment will be?  I don’t think a Mars landing will really have the same appeal, and although I hope for some clean-energy milestones in my lifetime, I’m not sure if there will be any awe-inspiring moments to watch.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say our big moment of technological advancement will have something to do with robotics and A.I.  Could be creepy!

What an awesome day…  Truly.  Not simply “awesome” in the overused, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sort of way…  (Although on that note, let me be the first to offer our new President: “Cowabunga!”)  Awesome in the true sense of the word: inspiring awe, admiration, or wonder.

Or D: All of the above.

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Biggest News Ever! :D

Sorry for not having written in these past couple of months… I suppose the suspense of moving in, what it was like, how Trish and I got along, etc., was killing anyone foolish enough to expect regular updates from me. (Really, look at my track record!) Well, has it been good, living with Trish? Ohh yeah. :) It’s been the best time of my life. Which is not a snub to the rest of my life by any means, but a testament to how perfect the two of us are for each other. We were made for each other. We’re soulmates, and we’re quite ready to spend the rest of our lives together.

Which brings me to the aforementioned “news” portion of this post. Two weeks ago, May 26, I proposed to Trish… She said yes, we’re now engaged! :D We went to the Desert Botanical Gardens–where I was really hoping the Wildflower trail would have more wildflowers–and I began to tell her how I wish I could give her a huge garden with flowers as far as the eye could see (there *really* should’ve been more flowers there!), that I would give her a kingdom if I could…

“…and speaking of which… I have something for you. Now, it’s not a shoe, but…” I suppose I should explain here that one of her favorite movies is Ever After, and that months ago she mentioned that she loved the proposal therein. So, I shamelessly borrowed from it. After telling her how much she’s meant to me in these past months, I continued: “I kneel before you… as a man in love. And I would feel like a king, if you, Patricia, would be my wife.”

And I presented her with this:
Ring 2.jpg


The pictures really don’t do it justice. I feel silly, but I’m so proud of the ring I chose for her. It’s a tulip setting, which was popular a century or two ago, and since we both often feel we were born a couple of centuries late, I thought it was appropriate. It’s elegant and yet different. It was one of the first rings I looked at, and it just stood out against all the rest. It stood out among all others just as Trish stands out in my heart and mind. So of course, I think it was a perfect choice. :)

We went and celebrated that night at Naples Ristorante in Chandler… a nice, cozy little Italian restaurant with a great accordion player. It was a great day, and I hope Trish loved it as much as I did. I think she did. :)

By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t break the news sooner. We were waiting to tell my parents in person before we told anyone else, and our usual weekly dinner with them kept getting pre-empted. So we got tired of waiting, and finally broke down and crashed their house yesterday at lunch to tell them. So now, everyone can be in the loop!

If anyone is curious as to wedding details in the works, we don’t have any yet save for the date we’re aiming for: November 10th, the one-year anniversary that we began dating. Other details are coming slowly because we want to get married in a church, but small cozy churches are hard to come by out here, pretty dresses are intimidatingly expensive, we’re hard-pressed for bridesmaids and ring-bearers and the like, etc. But plans will come together, and rest assured we’ll keep everyone in the loop.

Oh yeah, I was going to talk about the things Trish and I do day-to-day. We keep it pretty fun… We play a lot of games. One of my favorites is this PS2 game called Culdcept, the concept of which is similar to one of those RPG trading card games (think Magic: The Gathering). It’s a blast to beat up on the computer character on there. ;) We’re also getting started playing a pen-and-paper game called Hackmaster. I don’t do a lot on Second Life these days, as there’s not much to do on there that we can’t do in person, but I have been working on a site called, which will hopefully be a good resource for Second Life store owners. Trish is totally my muse… Aside from SLMatrix, she’s inspired me to work on a kitchen/cooking website that’ll cross-ref recipes, inventories, grocery lists, etc. It’s a pretty good idea if I can flesh it out. We’re also watching the complete series of Gilmore Girls… hey don’t tease, it’s a good show. And sooner or later, Trish will probably be sitting through all of Firefly. :) I’m not sure how exciting all of this sounds to other people, but what we do every day is a blast… Life is fun, and laid back, and I love it.

Ooh, I forgot to brag about Trish’s cooking! Argh, this post could go on forever. Well, I’ll keep it short for now and I’ll have to remember to snap some pics of her delicious dishes as she makes them. Suffice to say, I’ve been blessed to fall in love with someone so gifted with food. She’s especially good at baking… breads, cookies, cakes, you name it. Last week she managed to balance making from scratch brownies and a banana cream pie–at the same time. And while she doesn’t give herself much credit with other types of cooking, I think she’s great. :)

But the big news, of course, is that Trish and I will be spending the rest of our lives together, and now it’s just that much more official! :)

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…well, in about 12 hours really… my life will completely change forever. And I’m so happy I just can’t wait for twelve hours from now to get here!

I’m sorry I haven’t been more verbose as of late… I really should have been, for the few loyal readers (and friends) this thing still attracts. Part of it is just that writing in it feels so cumbersome, maybe because I feel like I need to write so much if I write anything at all. I’d rather post my life in little snippets, if I could; it’d be easier and I’m sure I’d have far less chance of boring anyone. :P But the other part of it is, I guess I just don’t feel the need to pour my heart out. I could gush and gush and gush, but selfishly, I feel pretty content, and I’d rather focus on the things I have to gush about than any actual gushing. :P

But since I’ve got this going, allow my to gush: I am so head-over-heels in love with Trish. Not just in a primal, mmm, looking-into-her-eyes-sparks-fiery-passion-in-my-heart way, although I certainly feel that. But like, I can see my whole future with her, and it’s beautiful. And even the slightly frightening parts of the future (like why did I have to rack up such an expensive car payment? We could live so much more comfortably without it) aren’t that worrisome. I know there’s a million things I can do to make life great, and I’ll do anything I have to. She’s my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, my family, my everything.

My mind is not quite capable of stringing together words in an intelligible manner right now, and in my head I keep on going from tangent to tangent so often that I forget what I want to write. But long story short, Trish is flying in tomorrow–today–shortly after 1PM. Her belongings are currently making the trip via moving truck and will arrive in about ten days. We will be spending the rest of our lives together! :) It feels so weird, I’ve felt like the eternal stay-at-home kid, and it’s hard to believe that this is happening, that I’m living my own life… Maybe I’d started to think it would never happen. But then I think about it, and realize, it was supposed to happen now, and only now, because Trish is just so right for me.

Okay, head in clouds, wrist in splint (ugh… moving + carpal tunnel != good times), body needing sleep… I’m just useless here at this point. :P I’m gonna catch some sleep, finish moving my stuff, and the next time I write it’ll be from our apartment. :D

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25 and Alive!

I’m sorry, journal. I’ve been cheating on you. For the past four months, I’ve been pouring my heart out to someone else. No, not another jounal… Don’t get jealous. :P I’ve just been so wrapped up with Trish that I haven’t had a chance to come here and share the many, many great things to talk about. (And the few not-so-great things… meh.)

So, where to begin… Have I mentioned how amazing Trish is? Ah, she’s just amazing. We’re just so connected. Not only can we talk so freely & intimately about anything, but even more unusual, we can sit around and not talk at all and still feel perfectly comfortable. Bah, why am I trying to explain it? We’re soulmates, simple as that. I’m so crazy in love with her. :)

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Really Long Survey

I’m way overdue for for one of those big long, life update entries, but I’m also way overdue for bed, so for now I’m just going to post this obsessively long survey. Really, it’s like 500-600 questions. Enter at your own risk. :P

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In lieu of, y’know, regular updates…

Gah! I always do this… I get going with new entries on a semi-frequent basis, and then I just fall off the grid. And this time, it’s not like I can really pull the excuse of “nothing’s ever worth talking about”. Plenty of things, in fact. Hmm… Should I start in order of importance or chronological? I think I’ll tackle old business first.

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Where did this guy come from? (Click the links, ferserious.)

I must admit, regarding the whole quagmire that is our current political landscape, I’ve just felt resigned about it all lately. It feels like the whole system, the one party with the chimp in the office, and the other party who can’t seem to organize well enough to beat the chimp, it’s all just one big self-sustaining loop that we, the American people, are left out of entirely. Maybe in dire times, it takes someone like Keith Olbermann to be a beacon.

You can’t exactly credit the guy with originality… Olbermann clearly patterns himself after Edward R. Murrow, but then, why not? The man is regarded as one of the best journalists of all time, so perhaps patterning one’s career after him as opposed to that of modern “journalists”–O’Reilly, Limbaugh, even Franken–isn’t a bad idea. Watching his stuff, I wonder if maybe the American people are capable of sitting in one spot long enough to listen, not to soundbytes, but to ten minutes of well-reasoned, empassioned, enlightening crticism. They just haven’t known where to find it.

I think I’m gonna have to start watching MSNBC.

Edit: Just ran across an article mentioning that, apparently, Olbermann received a suspicious envelope yesterday containing a powdery substance. The substance was harmless, but obviously meant to scare, with an included note reading the package was “payback” for some of his commentaries. Because, y’know, the threat of lethal substances is fair payback for truth-telling. :P But if you can measure the mark of a journalist by the amount of feathers he ruffles, I guess I’m not the only one who thinks Olbermann’s doing a good job!

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Blabbity Blah Revisited

Ok, a long time ago I wrote a journal entry titled “Blabity Frickin’ Bla”. (How bad did I spell that?) The content of that entry is not in the least relevant any more, yet for some reason I get an occasional comment about it from friends… Apparently they’re amused by the phrase itself: “blabbity frickin’ blah”.
So today I get an e-mail from someone I know, but don’t normally get e-mails from. “Your bla blabbity bla made my day,” something to that effect. I assume it’s another comment about that old entry… Wrong.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on the new version of my department’s web site at work. Last week, I finally rolled it out–with one considerable oversight. Early on, I entered in some placeholder text in the footer. “Copyright notice goes here. Maintained by Thom Stricklin. Bla blabbity bla.” I never bothered to fill in the real copyright notice!

Apparently, “blabbity blah” is some sort of catchphrase for me. :P

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Humble Admiration

“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”
– Albert Einstein

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My Server is Gassy and Bloated

Haha, wow.

Richie (who runs my server) and I have been freaking out about disk usage the past week or so. Out of nowhere, our disk usage was jumping to 2-3 GB. Couldn’t figure it out… Thought our host was penalizing us for swap space, the part of the hard drives used for memory cache–think Virtual RAM.

Well, no, that wasn’t it. Turns out, my humble blog had magically generated 1.5 GB of error logs. 1.5 GB… To put this in perspective, all of takes up only about 0.5 GB of space. Yeeeeeeah.

So… I still have nothing but praise for GoDaddy’s virtual dedicated server plans–good price, good control panel, plenty of freedom. But make sure to tweak log rotations so that log files don’t bloat up to 2 GB of space!

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