Apache OMGWTF MultiViews?

Last night, while working on +Escher‘s new install wizard, I thought I must have done something terribly wrong. Everything was working fine before the config file was saved, then BOOM! It stopped working if the file existed.

I spent hours on it, only to discover the true culprit: Apache. Somehow, who knows how long ago, while tinkering with Apache on my dev server, I turned on MultiViews. So requests to /config/install/ (a virtual URL path in Escher) were getting rewritten to /config.php/install/… Gross.

Fear not–this is just a home development server. I do not have, and know better than to have–MultiViews enabled on production. But whatever I was messing with before, I wish I had undone back then. Waste of a perfectly good three hours. :P


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